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Building AI for Aviation

Braintrust-IQ is proud to introduce our newest creation (C.A.P.T.A.I.N.). CAPTAIN stands for Comprehensive, Aviation, Platform, Technical, Artificial, Intelligence, Network and is a machine learning solution born out of necessity. See what the future holds for aviation with a truly advanced objective machine learning AI. The CAPTAIN will be current & future flight departments assistant to ensure flawless management, paperwork, safety and compliance at all times. Daily tasks like pilot scheduling and compliance, maintenance records & logs, safety & FRAT scoring, flight planning are just a touch of what this robust system can do. The CAPTAIN performs based on a true understanding of the FAA regulations to assist aircraft operators and stakeholders. Let the CAPTAIN streamline and assist your flight department. For further information email

Our Team

Tony Malfa is a Co-Founder of Braintrust-IQ and an artificial intelligence development leader. With a compliance-based approach, Tony is leading the way for AI to help streamline industries such as aviation, medicine, and shipping tackling some of the most challenging issues plaguing the world’s most critical industries.

Tony Malfa / Founder

Nick Khilnani our co-founder and partner, a seasoned professional with a remarkable decade-long journey in corporate finance. With a keen eye for strategic investments and a passion for technology. Nick brings a unique blend of financial prowess and technological insight to the helm of BrainTrust-IQ.

Nick Khilnani / Founder

Toni Drummond is a Co-Founder of Braintrust-IQ is a highly recognized corporate & private aviation industry expert. Ms. Drummond is a Partner at Prestige Air Group, an aircraft management and air charter company as well a partner at BrainTrust IQ, a revolutionary new AI and machine learning platform.

Toni Drummond / Founder